Save The World! With Alternative Fuels!

Welcome to Green fuel or Alternative Fuels. No need to buy plan or idea from anywhere! That you could lose $100 of dollar. Don’t you hate those paying site! so I build this Free site for you yes for you. The hell with all of them.  I’m not selling anything here so don’t ask for parts. If you looking for parts you can ask.

The home page is the hydrogen cell builder if you want other free energy source check out the other websites down below. Here are videos and information from people who share their alternative free energy around the world. Not all of them are my. This videos I gather around to put here so you don’t have to look for it.

*Let’s go Green! For other free energy like solar and wind power go to this pageSOLAR AND WIND

*Simple Conversion To Run A Lawnmower On Propane GAS TO PROPANE

*Covert you car to run on Ethanol, E85, and GasE85 CONVERSION

*GEET Water Fuel Plasma Reactor ChamberGEET PLASMA REACTOR MOTOR





The conversion links is also on the lift side or on top of the page.


Thank you for coming. I hope this will help you . The website will be updated when more information come up to date. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or leave comments at the bottom of the page.

Save gas mileage and save the world. Save the world OK maybe I got that backward. The world will always going to be here for a long… long… time after we are gone. I should say save ourselves from the problem we cause to the world.  If we not going to change it. who are we going to wait for. Water for gas is something the government do not want you to know about it. why! because it was cheap and easy to make. They want you to burn more gas and oil so they can put more money in their pocket. They don’t care about the environment. They do have the technology of free energy but you think they going to give it to us. With the gas price going up. It’s up to you to decide. You don’t need me to tell you.

Created your own hydrogen generator is EASY. There are many types to built, so remember built your hydrogen cell and do some testing. I have all the  information here to show you. You have to follow the direction below step by step.

Important must read!

You must understand that the hydrogen cell is just to help you to burn hydrogen plus gas together. That is the hydrogen cell going to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen to run your engine. Your car burn gas so poorly that the engine throwing gas away and it cause so much pollution. Because hydrogen burn so efficient it will help burn gas to 100%. This will increase your gas mileage to 50% – 100%.  

There are some equipments that need to adapt to help the hydrogen cell. Read carefully below. Your engine will run better and burn more cleaner. Hydrogen is invented to reduce carbon emissions no more pollution.

If you like to know it’s also clean this valve too!

Some people lost a lot of money buying hydrogen system. Don’t be fool by some of the hydrogen builder until you have an understanding of it.

They claim that the hydrogen cell do more then it should and sell for thousands of dollar. Some doesn’t have all the right equipments. The hydrogen cell alone will make your engine burn more gas . Because your car will detect the oxygen that your cell throwing in. The engine sensor will throw more gas because it doesn’t know that you install the hydrogen cell. So you need to trick the sensors to adapted to the hydrogen cell. EFIE, PWM, and MAP Sensor Enhancer are the items that will help you so study more on this. This device is been update or reinvented every time so come back i might put new one up.

Let’s begin building your Hydrogen Cell:

All the equipments you will need for best resolve. The picture below just an sample. You really don’t need all of it. It’s depend on your vehicle. Newer vehicles like 1995 need a few more of this equipments to help improve gas saving. Because of all the computer and sensors in the car. You will need this devices call the PWM, Map Sensor, and EFIE .

This sensor will trick the computer into running on hho gas.  Look down study more on PWM, Map Sensor, and EFIE.

p389sml1: 1.

Hydrogen cell- just add water and use baking soda to charge the water to produce more hydrogen. Baking soda is cheap and you can find on anywhere store. Use distilled water or purified water work the best. The water in your sink have too much iron. For best gas production use Potassium Hydroxide.

Many hydrogen builder use Potassium Hydroxide or KOH. Somehow the production is better. You could buy at eBay or at your local store if you could find it.

The water will froze in the winter. If you leave in a cold place like me. Built a really thick container for your cell will keep your water from frozen too much or use a heat core etc. Usually the frozen water will melt if you start the car for about 10 minuets. If you live in a warm place don’t worry about it.

Glass jar will break below zero degree, because the water will expand when it frozen. You might want to use plastic, pcv, stainless steel jar or make your own. They are people on youtube got some great idea how to built hydrogen cell. You will find one that fit you need.

I saw many people put the copper wires with the plates. That is not a good idea. The copper wires will corrode badly.  You have to coated your wires, but for the best  just use stainless steel for connection inside the jar. 

Jars depend on size and type you built or buy one. Engine space is a problem for jar size. You have to check and built one for the room you have. The jars below will give you some idea.


To built hydrogen cell read this VERY IMPORTANT. The theory to built hydrogen cell is to make a cell that produce more hydrogen and use less amps, produce less heat. Make sure all your plates are stainless steel anything that is metal will corrode or will not produce hydrogen.

Now depend on what cell you built to handle the heat, the amps, and pressure. For a 4 cycle engine car 30 amps is good enough to run a hydrogen cell that will produce more than enough hydrogen for your engine. The more amps you put to your cell the more hydrogen your cell will produce, but remember your cell will built heat and draw more amps. The idea is not to destroy your hydrogen cell. The pmw is for controlling that.

Bigger car like truck you do need more amps for hydrogen production. The hydrogen cell you built have to be stronger and more heat resistant, withstand pressure. Wires connection gauge will be larger. Look down for wire gauge paragraph. For truck 30 amps to whatever amps you need that is if your cell can handle. The alternator in truck is more powerful than smaller car.

The more plates you built, the more hydrogen it will make,  less heat, and less amps. But depend on the rearrange of plates and space put in between . This rearrange plates is base on 12 volt divide by each plate. So the voltage will pass equally to each plate. If more than 2.4 volt is on each plate it will produce heat.


6 Plates = -NNNN+
13 Plates = -NNN+NNN-NNN+
16 Plates = -NNNN+NNNN-NNNN+
21 Plates = -NNN+NNN-NNN+NNN-NNN+

This is for the MAXIMUM of 2.4v per plate
1 Neutral Plates recommended up to 4.8volts
2 Neutral Plates recommended up to 7.2volts
3 Neutral Plates recommended up to 9.6volts
4 Neutral Plates recommended up to 12volts
5 Neutral Plates recommended up to 14.4volts
6 Neutral Plates recommended up to 16.8volts

Now the key – is negative, + is positive and N is neutral. People keep asking me what is the neutral plates are for. OK with neutrals, its cooler, slower electros built up. But with out it gets very hot and amp builds up so it  is important to configure the plates you used. Now if the cell doesn’t produce enough hydrogen for your engine you will not see mileage increase. It have something to do with calculation. Down below is the calculation.

The negative is the plate that make hydrogen and the positive is the plate that make oxygen.

You only need .25LPM of HHO gas for every liter of engine size. So a 2.3 liter Honda Civic only needs .6LPM of HHO. Multiple .25 for the size of your engine. That is the LPM your hydrogen cell needed to produce for your engine. LPM stand for liter per minute just in case you ask. Will with all this with calculation it might be confusing. Whatever cell you built the mathematic is that 12 volt draw 10 amps should produce 1 liter per minute.

The final plates built for 4 cylinder it will produce 1-2 liter per minute at 10-15 amps. Plates is 3″ by 6″  here is how the plates arrange +nn-nn+nn- that is 10 plates in all. The spacer between the plate is .25″. The cell can handle up to 30 amps. Don’t leave on 30 amps for long period of time or it will get very hot.


Here are some easy ways to built your hydrogen generator that works professionally. This just some ideas how to built hydrogen cell. The cell with the stainless steel plates last the longest. Stainless steel just little too pricey, but that’s the material you have to use. The type 304 or 316 stainless steel is the best for building hydrogen cell. You could buy stainless steel plates at ebay or go to this site. This is the only site that have your material cut to any size you want. ( )-stainless steel page

New update! Stainless steel just couldn’t do the job. It will dissolve and produce that waste brown water from time to time. If you could buy TITANIUM  PLATE that will be even better. All you need is you use the TITANIUM for the negative and the stainless steel for neutral and positive. TITANIUM is top of it class for hydrogen production. That’s what the professional use it. If titanium is too expense for you use stainless steel will do.  ( page

The first three cell plates equipments can be found at wal-mart. Also this great jar that easy to use for your cell. I don’t use this jar anymore it doesn’t last long. I use PCV pipe 4-5″ that I built on my own. search on youtube for hydrogen cell builder you will get some idea to built your own.


more ides of hydrogen cell built

For the need of More hydrogen and more efficient. If your car doesn’t have space. This dry cell is a life saver too. I found this cell to be higher quality and last longer. If you don’t want to built it. You could buy one in ebay.

Before we go to the HHO equipments understand this video here first.


A MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancer is a must have for anyone installing a Hydrogen Generator on most vehicles as you will not see the gains in miles per gallon until you install a MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancer. In fact most times your vehicle will use more fuel than it did before you installed the Hydrogen Generator.


If you install this EFIE you don’t need a map sensor.


You must use a device that enhances the signal to the (ECU). Most vehicles do not need a ( MAP/MAF Manifold Absolute Pressure – Sensor Enhancer). Most people try these first because they are cheap and sold as the solution after they buy a HHO Fuel Cell. The device you want has to add a floating voltage signal to the top of whatever the oxygen sensor is putting out. It needs to have an adjustment that allows you to control, to within a few millivolts, the amount of this added voltage. This allows the computer to be unaware of the additional oxygen content of the exhaust. Now the Hydrogen Generator can achieve it’s full potential in fuel savings. Finding one that works, is the secret!

New and improve device control on fuel saving is here! No need for the Map sensoror EFIE.

click on this site. (FS2-HHO Edition)

(Vehicle OEM Database) For your OBDII wires connection search for your vehicle here. This one work for me.  


Fuse holder go on positive+ wiring. Connect to the 12 volts. You can install the fuse, relay, amp meter, switch, in a plate or a box together easier. The positive at the end go to the key starter or any other fuse that when you start the engine it turn the hho generator on.


                                             get a fuse breaker you don’t have to change fuse.

Vacuum T-connector: helps you splice the vacuum line for feeding the hydrogen and oxygen into the engine. Not necessary for diesels due to the lack of vacuum. Vacuum line T-connector. Helps you hook up the Electrolyzer or Vaporizer to the Intake Manifold of the car.

-3/8 inch vacuum hose

-3/8 inch check valves

These are attached to the hoses connecting to your vehicles air intake and vacuum source.

For connector you can find any angle connector you want at fleetfarm, Menard, homedepot etc.






The flashback arrestor to help keep a flashback to your hydrogen cell from explosion.

Build you own one.

Wire Gauge use a 10 gauge wire handle 30 amps will help reduce heat if your cell produce a lot of heat. 10 gauge is use for 30 amps pwn controller.

Constant Current Circuit Minimum Wire Gauge
15A  use 14AWG
20A  use 12AWG
30A  use 10AWG
45A use  8AWG
60A  use 6AWG
80A  use 4AWG
100A  use 2AWG

Relay connection :

HHO hydrogen generator 30/40 amp relay switch


 Amp meter go on the negative line coming for the hho generator negative line.


Volts meter go on the negative and positive line going to the hho generator.


PWM stand for PULSE WIDTH MODULATOR is to control the Amps to your HHO generator. You will now be able to control the RMS Amps and current going to your HHO Booster! Your HHO Cell will run cooler and make more mono atomic hydrogen which has greater ability to increase fuel mileage. You could buy one in ebay look for hho pwm ranging for $20-$100.

Now!the new Constant Current PWM. No need to control your amps. It control your amps on any level you want constantly. Your amps will stay the same and keep your hydrogen cell stay cool. Search for in ebay on Constant Current PWM.

Update here is a newer Digital PWM better and smarter

(KZX1250 Intelligent Automotive PWM for HHO) click for site

Wiring diagrams for HHO Cells

A Real Life HHO Wiring Diagram

EFIE and PWM Wiring Diagram for HHO Systems:

Diagram the Connection of HHO generator: pwmwiring1

What I provide is here is mostly enough to built your hydrogen cell for free. . You have to study more about your car to install your hydrogen generator. If you don’t know what you are doing ask questions.  All first builder face the same problem because they don’t think about safety. This is not for kids hydrogen is really dangerous.

What hydrogen cell can do?

Before we begin let check out the videos below here. To get an idea how this came to be.

The water car was not new the man who invented it was kill. We all know who did it. If not for that we already have the water car in the 80’s. We shouldn’t have to fight for global warming. 

The water car is reinvented. The car that will run completely with water hydrogen cell or water car  is already been built in japan.

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        yeah you can buy some of this stuff to help you hydrogen cell. Like I explain in my page. you will the need the pwm to control your amps. the map sensor and efie or the new FS2-HHO Edition to control your car sensor.

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      The pwm is to control you amps. Without the PWM PULSE WIDTH MODULATOR your cell will get really hot. I don’t sell the PWM PULSE WIDTH MODULATOR but you buy in ebay.

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    I heard tubes were the best way. Inside tube longer than outside tube and both cut to “ring” at certain vibrations. I think there is one octave difference. The tubes are one millimeter gaped. The vibrations help weaken the H2O molecules which then separate under the high voltage (?200 volts) and low amperage (2-5 amps). The result is oxygen and hydrogen gasses released with low energy. Normally, the bonds can be separated with high energy but the trade off is of no benefit because it takes extra petrol type gas to run the alternator. But there seems to be a lot of wasted energy anyway so maybe it doesn’t make any difference.

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